About Martha and Banche

What is it like to walk every day with a cool human like Martha? My happiness began the day she arrived at the shelter. People were playing with the other dogs. No one played with me. I have a deformed back left paw: I am missing a “toe” and have an extra nail growing out of the top of my paw. The vet said it would not affect my ability to get around and it doesn’t hurt. I was scared and so lonely. She took me out of my cage and held me close. I was only three months old. The people at the shelter said I could not be adopted yet. That came three weeks later when they brought me to Pet Smart for an adoption event.

Martha was there waiting for me. She paid $200.00 to cover my shots and other stuff. I was so happy to go home with her. The shelter says I am a Labrador. But people think I am a mix breed, maybe even part pit bull. That was two years ago. What a life I live now with Martha and her older brother Al. I call him Uncle Al. Martha and I walk almost every day. She’s lost a lot of weight thanks to me. The things I see when I walk with Martha. We see chickens, goats, Bacon the Pig and Jaeger the horse. We go see Bessie the last Buffalo in our area sometimes, too. We have to cross a busy street to go see Bessie the Buffalo. And the people we meet. I know all the neighbors because they stop to talk to us. Many who ride in their cars stop to talk to us, too. We live very rural and the roads we walk on are dirt roads surrounded by woods and corn and soybean fields. So come on, walk with us. You’ll be so glad you did.