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EZ Dog hands free dog leash

Tried this out today with Banche. My dog weighs forty pounds and is all muscle. We walked seven miles in 25 degree weather. The EZ Dog leash fit over my glove easily and was secure on my hand at all times. I like this leash a lot! It stays on the hand and the stretchy part helps keep Banche from jerking my arm, as he does with a regular leash. I pick up cans as I walk and this made it so easy. With a regular leash I have to wear the handle on my wrist and hold the next section of leash in my hand. I would have to make sure the leash was secure in my hand in order to pick up cans, use my phone etc. With the EZ Dog leash there were no problems or worries when holding items or picking things up. The EZ Dog leash was secure on my hand and is truly a hands free dog leash.